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Mentoring Facility, Property Management, Asset Management, and Construction Professionals Preparing for Career Changes 

AM FM Career Planning Services evolved as a natural extension of our 25 years of extensive experience, connections and profound understanding of the asset and facilities sector. We are committed to helping new professionals looking to enter the FM sector and guiding seasoned FM professionals in furthering their careers.

Discover the career path that's right for you

Developing a practical career plan is different from just putting your resume together.  It's about being pro-active instead of reactive in achieving your professional goals.  It's about aspiring to be the best you can be while building your confidence and capacity to fulfill your professional dreams.

Our network of seasoned FM professionals draw upon their deep knowledge, experience and best practices to improve your chances for success.

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Working Together
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Career Planning Process

  1. Establish your career growth plan.

  2. Review your current position along with your knowledge, skills and experience.

  3. Assess which industry roles and responsibilities you should target.

  4. Identify any skills or knowledge upgrades needed to achieve your dream job.

  5. Finalize your career growth plan with target dates and milestones.

Feedback from a recent satisfied customer:

"Your approach definitely worked. I do not hesitate to recommend your services." - J.M.


Your Career Planning Package Includes


  • Virtual check-ins on progress and updates

  • Sector-specific job search guidance

  • Resume and LinkedIn Profile professional review

  • Access to templated resume designs, tailored for every experience level

  • Helpful tips for job application preparation and interviews

  • Ongoing advice on job pursuits

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