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Starting a Health & Wellness Program

Can you help me with a checklist to start a Health and Wellness Program in my company?

Health & Wellness is important for your personnel no matter where they work and should align with your corporate culture.

Here is a template that can help you start your corporate health and wellbeing corporate assessment and review how you can improve.

Grab this CHECKLIST to start your wellness plan questions.

Do you have any new tips or ideas that I could use to promote health and wellness?

Here are a few health and wellness program ideas, tips, and activities to keep your personnel in touch, happier and motivated.

  1. Encourage wellness initiatives through a rewards program that can be created on your internal website. Personnel can claim points towards an award they can personally choose: For example, · 50,000 steps in a week award = complimentary vegetarian lunch, or · Volunteered as Fire Marshall for the office for a week = a book on wellness.

  2. Host a 1) virtual wellness retreat.

  3. Bring in a chef to the office to teach a few easy recipes and offer it virtually.

  4. Haven’t started a company Health & Wellness newsletter? Enlist a group of volunteers to create one for the corporation with web links highlighting fitness, nutrition, and educational content from around the world. It could include an annual cookbook of “Staff Recipes.”

  5. Offer adjustable height standing desks that allow users to easily switch between standing and sitting while working.

  6. Order-in healthy lunch during “crunch-time” for the team or delivery to remote workers.

  7. Can any of your meetings be walking meetings?

Written by:

Rani Glick

Health & Wellness Advisor at Rani Glick Wellness

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