Planning a career change in facility management

Seeking out greater challenges in today's evolving work environment

Facility management professionals partaking in continuing education courses are anxious and excited to explore the next step in their career journey, either to apply newly-acquired skills and knowledge at their current workplace or to seek out other opportunities in the industry. In doing so, these learners seek support and guidance for their next career move.

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a career change in facility management, based on personal experience in career planning and mentorship with 200-plus learners, colleagues, and friends.

Identify your accomplishments and passion

First, think about the accomplishments that you would be proud to share and talk about in your present job, volunteer life and past work experiences. It is vital to identify your strengths and passion to showcase in your professional profile when seeking new career opportunities. Your accomplishments are who you are. Articulated properly, they will profile your confidence, ability to take on new challenges and your breadth of experience.

Be honest with yourself

Take a step back and review your weaknesses, as this is critical to assess. Are you able to overcome any through additional education or mentorship?

Ask yourself— are you working in your ideal job and, if not, what do you envision as the ideal job? Take a clear look at the reasons why you seek movement in your career. There could be a lack of stimulation, challenges and opportunities, changes in corporate culture and work responsibilities, difficulty with communication or colleagues, or family changes and relocation.

Aligning with company’s vision and mission

Employees who are able to connect with their company’s values, mission and vision will enjoy and believe in the strategies and direction the company is aiming for.

If you want to work towards making buildings more energy efficient for the future of the planet, does the company you are interested in joining have a mandate for retrofitting their buildings to achieve that goal and become more environmentally economical?

Work culture

Sometimes we get into a slump and maintain the status quo in our work environment. Part of all basic human needs, even in employment, is having a strong work culture that offers trust, respect, and loyalty. These factors are very important when starting the search for new employment.

Professional development

Professional development can be an important tool to continue boosting skills, knowledge and making connections. Search out greater knowledge and skills that you can showcase for the next opportunity.

Job changes

For many industry members, there seems to be a basic pattern to job hop every two to five years. In today’s changing work environment, it is acceptable to desire greater career challenges or opportunities.

Your resume

What you’ve learned about yourself and your accomplishments can now be reflected in your resume. Searching for your dream job becomes clearer and more defined.

Becoming the greatest asset to an employer involves challenging and educating oneself, and selecting advantageous career paths in facility management. You will need commitment and focus to follow-through with your next career move as it takes a lot of thought and steps to prepare for advancing forward.

Published on August 24th, 2022 through CFM&D Magazine

Written by:

Marcia O'Connor

Owner at AMFM Consulting Group Inc.