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Health and Wellness Program

Connecting your team working remotely and at the office

There is no doubt that the last ten months have been challenging for everyone. The pandemic triggered a rapid shift for more staff to work remotely, scramble to create their home office, all while juggling home and work life in unimaginable ways.

It is important to know the dynamics of your team, their strengths, and challenges in-order-to establish a health and wellness program. It is also important that companies step up and work closely with their staff and teams to establish new directions.

Companies cannot achieve their overall goals and targets when staff are working off a screen in isolation. It is therefore especially valuable to cultivate wellbeing throughout your teams wherever they are working. The essence of a wellness program is that it is for all staff, and the program should impact on their commitment or performance levels.

Wellbeing is multidimensional. A corporate wellness program integrates policies, programs and environmental factors that are designed to enhance the health and safety of all.

Your wellness program should include your company’s purpose, environmental, financial, social, community and physical (nutrition, physical activity, stress, and mental health) factors. This makes up their wellness program. It also serves as a baseline assessment tool that measures your team’s insights about the workplace and health environment aiming to maximize your team’s potential, productivity, prosperity, and success.

Benefits of a Health and Wellness program:

a) Energizes your team cohesively to cultivate a healthy mindset. When they work as a unit, everyone contributes and are more optimistic for achieving their goals collectively. They become more aware of their expertise, experience personal satisfaction and increased productivity. When staff are energized, they take better care of themselves, their family, and have the capacity to help friends and community. This is a key component of wellbeing.

b) Cultivates wellbeing. Encourage regular mobility activities that increases performance.

Introducing a practical wellness program will strengthen work ethics, improve productivity and commitment. When done correctly, wellness programs give your staff incentives, tools, social support, privacy, and strategies to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

Check out Rani’s Wellness Principles and checklist. Important values to keep focused on health and wellbeing.



Written by:

Rani Glick

Health & Wellness Advisor at Rani Glick Wellness

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