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Technical Competency in FM

There isn’t any one level of technical competency that I would identify as a must to be a Facility Manager. One cannot judge in Facility Management that with time, you need to have ‘8 years experience before attaining technical competency in x’.

Technical competency is a demonstrated ability. You need to have results that can be measured and success that, with reasonable prediction, be duplicated. The evaluation of your proven success will be measured differently by each person who views your work. A positive review from your Department Head or the C-Suite shows you that you are achieving the results needed to attain technical competency.

Successful Facility Managers have at least one thing in common. They have gained the respect of their staff, their management team and their clients for the work achieved. It is our job to make tough decisions and have people realize that it was a tough decision. Only then will a better understanding of your technical competency be understood within the company.

Respect is never handed to us or easy to attain as Facility Managers, it is given to us through demonstrated ability and almost always gained once we have proven continuous competency in our field.

I encourage you to continue to demonstrate your technical competency and deliver more than expected so management begin to understand the nature of FM.

Written by:

Arnie Wohlgemut

Senior Coach & President at KP Maylene

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