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Focussing Priorities through the Pandemic

I manage a midsize commercial building in one of the designated hotspot areas of my city and it has been a challenge to assess what are my current priorities as we continue through the pandemic.

Based on your experience, where should I focus my priorities?

It is difficult to keep it together and figure out what your priorities should be on a daily basis during these challenging times. It does not help that Government directions seem to be changing and updating constantly to ensure the best equitable solution, and it is essential to keep on top of the information.

It is of utmost importance to safeguard first, the wellbeing of your customers and staff. Ensure that you have the proper protocols set up and be certain they are being followed. Continuous education and communication should be in place for customers and staff on the value of following these guidelines. On the physical plant side, the building needs to be kept in good condition and well-maintained to mitigate business disruption and risk.

Written by:

Marcia O'Connor

Owner at AMFM Consulting Group Inc.

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