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Executive Sponsorship during COVID

Why is executive sponsorship so important for businesses ‘keeping it together’ during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Executive sponsorship is crucial during times of disruption and uncertainty, and COVID-19 has brought unprecedented change. Our employees, partners, customers, and key stakeholders need to hear from us on a regular basis. They need to clearly understand our corporate vision, business goals and roadmap as we pivot during COVID-19, specifically:

  • what is changing?

  • why are these changes being made? (and what conditions trigger “setting” & “lifting”, or “on & off”)

  • when will changes come into effect?, and

  • how will these changes impact me, my job, our team, and our customers?

Now more than ever, sponsors need to regularly communicate with consistent themes and updates, and continuously reinforce those messages.

Written by:

Tim Morton

President at Prompta Consulting Group

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