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The Importance of Training

In one word: Absolutely.

Training enhances your knowledge level and allows you to strengthen or enhance your skills to establish standards of program and service delivery. It is important to establish confidence and minimum supervision to carry out work responsibilities and a balanced workload.

We are lifetime learners and it is important to update what we know at all times. What we ‘assume’ is not the same as having the latest facts; knowing the trends to advance in your current position or the next level career move; or sharing of best practices to understand application and relevancy. Training and development provide both the company as a whole and the individual employee with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

Search out the right instructor/trainer and course offerings to meet your needs. Establishing a great mentor relationship can allow you to grow in your future aspirations.

At AMFM we offer a broad spectrum of courses from managing of specific building systems to FM core competencies to leadership training. Discover more here.

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Written By

Marcia O'Connor

Founder and CEO of AM FM Consulting Group

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