Strategic Planning Sessions

AM FM works with you to develop a Facilities/Operations Strategic Plan that is aligned with your corporation's vision and mission. This encourages team work with the Facilities/Operations group and also sets priorities for the next few years that are aligned with the corporation. 

Our Approach

AM FM uses a collaborative and iterative approach that will result in a plan that aligns with the Faculty’s vision, mission and priorities. With every Strategic Planning Session we bring together the best thinking possible to deliver the expected outcome of a facilities strategic plan. We will work with you and your team in order to share learning, validate findings

The overall approach to strategic planning is grounded in the principles of innovation, collaboration and engagement. We will ensure that the process is highly engaging, that conversations are progressive, and that we are working towards a shared plan and vision of the future.

  Every Strategic Planning Session is a full day with the FM team in addition to, two meetings with

the management team to set up the roadmap, and logistics.

Sample of Deliverables for a Strategy Planning Session:

  1. A strategic planning process, work plan, and critical timeline which will encompass the key areas:

  2. A Strategic Planning Workshop which strategic directions and priorities are determined, and a plan produced in real time.

  3. A review of the Faculty’s Mission, Vision and Values.

  4. Development of the Faculty’s facilities team Mission, Vision and Values.

  5. An environmental scan.We will gain an understanding and analysis of the current organization state through a review of relevant information. We will gather evidence by reviewing existing organizational data, documentation and reports and by analyzing key trends and drivers in preparation for the workshop.

  6. a summary of the context and environment for planning, and analysis of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats; and emerging strategic issues and opportunities that are important for planning considerations.

  7. A strategic planning document summary document (Discussion Paper) that provides; and

  8. A 3-4-year Strategic Plan with key strategic direction (goals) and priorities.


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