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Facility Management (FM)
Cappuccino Hour Events

We're thrilled to introduce our FREE monthly Facility Management (FM) Cappuccino Hours, hosted by AMFM every last Wednesday of the month.

Each Cappuccino Hour provides a casual platform for FM'ers to gather, converse, and delve into industry insights. It's also a great opportunity to network with like-minded peers, expanding your professional connections.

We'll explore trending topics, share best practices, and tap into the expertise of subject matter professionals, all designed to enhance your industry knowledge and keep you at the forefront of FM trends.

Join us and register for the upcoming events that pique your interest.

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Subject Matter Experts

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Subject Matter Experts who enrich our monthly Cappuccino Hour with their knowledge and insights. Their expertise in each focused topic helps make this event a cornerstone of learning and connection. Learn more about their incredible work.

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Mivance offers transformative Cloud-based solutions, data management, and digital transformation services to enhance decision-making, reduce costs, and drive revenue for businesses of all sizes.

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