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Our Services

At AMFM Consulting, our commitment is to elevate the practice of asset, facility, and real estate management.


Our comprehensive Advisory Services cater to the public, private, and non-profit sectors, providing dynamic and forward-thinking strategies to enhance your operations. From day-to-day management to executive decision-making, our offerings are designed to integrate workforce, policies, and technology, optimizing the sustainability and functionality of the built environment. Coupled with our specialized training and education programs, as well as personalized career planning services, we ensure that professionals at all levels are equipped for excellence and advancement in these evolving sectors.


Advisory Services

We offer an extensive suite of services designed to harmonize the workforce, physical infrastructure, policy framework, program development, and software implementation.


Transform your business with our Advisory Services, designed to bolster and sustain your growth. Our approach integrates your organization's core aspects to refine operations and unlock new efficiencies. Delve into our diverse solutions tailored to elevate your strategic performance. Begin your journey to operational excellence with us. Discover more and get in touch to see how we can support your objectives.

Education & Training

We are dedicated to enriching the world of Facility Management, Corporate Real Estate, and Asset Management through a comprehensive range of educational and training programs.

Elevate your team's expertise with our customized corporate training, where hands-on, instructor-led sessions are meticulously tailored to your organization's unique AM, FM, and CRE needs.


Experience a professional development journey that's aligned with industry best practices, flexible scheduling, and the added benefit of cost-saving group rates. Ready to transform your team's capabilities? Contact us to discover how our specialized programs can be shaped to meet your objectives.

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Career Planning

We extend our expertise to career planning services, a natural progression of our deep industry experience and extensive network.

Empower your career journey with our tailored Career Planning Services, featuring one-on-one mentorship with Marcia. Marcia's expertise helps you uncover your goals, strengths, and experiences, guiding you through career evolution, advancement, or change. This personalized approach not only highlights your best qualities but also aligns with your aspirations, acting as a catalyst for professional growth.


Ready to realize your full potential? Let's begin. Discover how Marcia's mentorship can transform your career trajectory.

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