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Accessibility Property Assessment Program

Upon completion of this 2-day program, participants are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to perform the highest quality facility audits based on best practices in creating accessible built environments. Methodology includes assessments, recommendations, prioritization of remediation and management reporting. A mock accessibility assessment will be conducted in order to practically apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge.


This program also includes checklists based on approved accessibility legislation and best practices. These assessments take into account various disability types and removes the barriers that exist.

The APA Program is current and compliant with OBC and AODA legislation and the accessibility assessment checklists are based on approved accessibility legislation and best practices.  

Date: June 17 & 18 2020

Time: 9AM - 4PM

Location: 737 Mt Pleasant Rd #200, Toronto, Ontario
(Mount Pleasant & Eglinton area)

Price: $950 + TAX

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