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Re-Entry Services

Your Roadmap to Re-Opening and Sustaining Your Business in the New Normal

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Businesses are now planning for re-entry into the workplace and re-assessing mission critical activities that need to be given priority after months of on-hold operations. The New Normal brings new risk and brings opportunity as we re-assess the style and focus of our operations.

Compliance with government direction and local health unit regulations and staging is imperative. Re-entry guidelines need to be assessed and be customized to your business. Your actions need to preserve both reputation and your brand.    

Our Service Offering

Here is our list of services. If there is something you need assistance with, do contact us and we’ll do our best to support your needs.

Our service package includes:

Plan Level that scans your entire business operation:

  • Gap-Opportunity review - scan of current operations, regarding aspirations / weaknesses emerging as a result of COVID-19

  • Revisiting or Validating Strategic Roadmaps of your organization’s current direction and the focus for the next 12 months  

  • Workplace Readiness Plan - HR, Facilities, Financial, Operations, Customer Services


Or specific assistance:

  • Workforce direction – remote & on-site protocols for health, safe behaviours and use of common / shared facilities, equipment & supplies

  • Workplace options (under COVID-19) – utilization, darkening, flow, separation & quarantine for employees, customers, suppliers

  • Security & Access – controls, screening, surveillance, life safety

  • Cleanliness standards (site preparation, sanitization changes, decontamination)

  • Employee engagement, executive sponsorship & change communications (for all levels) – revised approaches, leadership roles, cultural reinforcement

  • Executive and team coaching

  • Change management support, including business transition plans, business roadmaps. SWAT analysis, and process reengineering 

  • Human resource consulting support, diversity and inclusion strategies, corporate mental health workshops, recruitment, modifications of job responsibilities

  • Real Estate Options – lease, buy, renegotiate terms and conditions

  • Continuity Measures – resilience and rollback plans, updates to Emergency / Business Continuity Plans

  • Customized workshops

We have all come through an incredible time. We have been working in un-precedented times.

A period in our lives that has changed all of us professionally and personally. Going into COVID lockdown in March 2020, required businesses to react quickly and to set guidelines to ensure continuous business activities and simultaneously ensure the safety of employees and customers.


Many of us had to up our game in ensuring enhanced safety measures are in place to handle physical distancing, security, and sanitization that aligned with shifting employee work hours and business hours of operation.

Our Team

We have a unique team that is available now to support you during these extraordinary times and to assist you through change. Our solutions are practical and implementable. 

Our expertise can successfully guide your company through these times. Do reach out to us. It’s ok to ask for assistance.  Today is the time to get the help you need.

Mitigate your risk. Leverage our resources. Now is the time to get the help you need.
We can work together to come up with a better chance for businesses survival through the pandemic. 

To start a dialogue on how we can assist you best, click here to reach Marcia directly.

Our Affiliates

AMFM is proud to be affiliated with the following providers of quality products and services to asset and facility management professionals:

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We are here to assist and provide additional information about our services.

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