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Matching businesses

with professional quality talent.

AM FM Recruitment Services has evolved in response to companies approaching us to find experienced, quality talent - a natural extension of our wide network and profound understanding of all aspects of real property assets, facilities and construction. We are committed to matching each career opportunity with the right candidate.
Our approach is simple: we listen to what you need, reach out within our extensive network and then present only the most competent, highly qualified candidates.

Are you looking for a fresh alternative to hiring?

With 25+ years in consulting, we pride ourselves on the extensive and ever-expanding network we have built within the FM, AM, PM and Construction management communities. 


We can identify the right candidates quickly because of our: 

  • Broad experience in this sector 

  • Deep understanding of our clients' requirements

  • Extensive adult training expertise

  • Extensive candidate network


We treat each position as a unique challenge to fill. Our deep experience in the FM, AM, PM and Construction sector means that we can quickly identify the right skills and expertise to match every role.  


As professional educators and trainers we look beyond mere resume qualifications to discern important human qualities such as attitude, adaptability and leadership.

AM FM is committed to matching the right candidates to your job offers that are in alignment with your strategic directions and values.


Contact us to discuss your goals and needs.



Our goal is to help you find your ideal job by understanding your strengths and job preferences. We support your journey to pursue a career that will provide you with opportunities and life-balance.

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How cost effective are your hiring practices?

Working with AMFM provides you with much more of a collaborative relationship than other outsourcing services. Our expertise helps you reduce the likelihood and cost of a 'bad hire' (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire).

Give us a call if you are committed to finding the best talent possible, instead of simply filling positions.

A Smaller Pipeline of More Qualified Talent

One of the best ways to access pools of highly skilled workers, especially when there is a shortage of qualified candidates, is to reach out beyond normal hiring channels to access passive candidates who may not be actively seeking employment. 


Why waste time sorting through a pool full of unqualified talent? Simplify your decision process by looking for the right people from our smaller pipeline of more qualified talent.

Reduce Your Cost per Hire

Your cost for each hire will vary. Some roles are harder to fill, so they can be more expensive. 

Let AMFM help remove the impact on you and your in-house staff.  We deal with time consuming administrative issues including all communications with applicants, notifying unsuccessful ones, providing applicant feedback and verifying candidate qualifications and references. And we are happy to schedule interviews so all you need to do prepare and turn up.


I can’t thank AMFM enough for all the help & guidance throughout the process of looking for job opportunities. From the benefit of their in-depth questionnaire to guide me through the process, to attending their Career Planning Webinar, I felt supported every step of the way. Not only did they inform me of potential job opportunities but offered tips and resources to find my dream job.  Thank you again for your assistance!"

JM / Stoney Creek, ON


We are here to assist and provide additional information about our services.

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