AM FM Consulting Group Inc. has over 25 years of industry experience in the Canadian Facilities Management sector. AM FM’s goal is to advance the asset, facility, property, and building management professional presence by offering highly innovative and strategic solutions servicing the public, private and non-profit sector. Our services include management consulting, training and education offerings and recruitment services for all levels, from day-to-day operations to supervisor, managers and executive suite.



AM FM provides a broad range of consulting services focused on the integration of the workforce, physical environment, policies, program development and software implementation. We help our clients optimize sustainability and streamline the performance of their built environment.


AM FM Educational Services focuses on developing and delivering high quality courses that elevate Facility Management as a profession. With our team of top-level industry professionals, we offer customized training and high demand

education offerings. 



AM FM Career Planning Services evolved as a natural extension of our extensive experience, connections and profound understanding of the

asset and facilities sector. We are committed to matching the right candidates to opportunities.




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